Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TINSLEY Pam, D' LUXE Strawberry Necklace

TINSLEY Pam Cotton Pique Shirtdress in Periwinkle. Available in sizes I-IV. Priced at P 2,900.00. D'LUXE Strawberry Necklace in Pink and Green with Silver Chain. Priced at P 1,950.00.


Anonymous said...

Hi... nice periwrinkle dress... u still have blue color? what is your largest size....?

Anonymous said...

You still have the periwrinkle dress available? what is your larget size available?

Shopgirls of TRESORIE said...

Yes, the Pam shirtdress in periwinkle is still available. Our sizes run from I-IV (S-XL).