Friday, October 12, 2007

TRESOR: Louis Vuitton Cash Break Specials!

TRESOR'S LOUIS VUITTON BAGS CASH BREAK SALE!! Pay cash for the ffg. bags and you get to avail these special prices! (Promo is void and invalid if paying by credit card).

1. LV monogram alma
Card price: 45k; CASH PRICE: Php 38,000

2. LV black epi soufflot
Card price: 19k; CASH PRICE: Php 17,000

3. LV yellow epi sac triangle
Card price: 14k; CASH PRICE: Php 12,500

4. LV monogram cabas piano
Card price: 22k; CASH PRICE: Php 18,500

5. LV monogram batignolles horizontal
Card price: 37.5k; CASH PRICE: Php 30,000

6. LV monogram viva cite MM (sold)

7. LV monogram petit noe
Card price: 35k; CASH PRICE: Php 30,000

8. LV monogram musette salsa
Card price: 19.8k; CASH PRICE: Php 17,500

Hurry over to TRESORIE for these bags. Tresorie cannot accept reservations for the bags, so they're on a first come first buy basis! :)

Tresorie is open Monday- Saturday from 12 noon - 6:30pm.

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Anonymous said...

Do these bags come with their dustbags and authenticity cards? =)