Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Selected TRESOR bags have marked down special prices if you pay by CASH only.

1. CHANEL modern chain taupe bag
Card price: Php 140,000; CASH PRICE: Php 110,000

2.YSL purple/ cream double bag (sold)

3. BALENCIAGA royal blue city with gold hardware studs (sold)

4. CHLOE paddington bordeaux (sold)

5. LOUIS VUITTON monogram batignolles horizontal
Card price: Php 37,500; CASH PRICE: Php 30,000

6. LOUIS VUITTON green epi speedy 30

Card price: Php 37,000; CASH PRICE: Php 30,000

7. LOUIS VUITTON dentelle speedy 30 gold (sold)

8. CHANEL jumbo modern classic 2.55 caviar
Card price: Php 135,000; CASH PRICE: Php 95,000

When you go to our shop, just mention promotion code: cash break to get the discount! Hurry hurry, coz we won't take reservations for these bags. We do ship bags to your location of choice, at your cost. We use Air21 locally and Fedex internationally.

For more information on these CASH BREAK sale bags, please SMS (+63916) 7580857

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